Adam & Griffin

About Us

Why would you just walk if instead, you could do good with every step?

That’s the question that started us down this path. In June 2017, Griffin and I (Adam, AKA “Dad”), the two founders of 50in20, were hiking and we began planning a personal challenge to complete a 50 mile hike in under 20 hours, a challenge known in the 1960s as a Kennedy March.  During that discussion, we talked about how surprising it was that these types of challenges aren’t more common since it seems challenging but achievable. The idea of combining our enjoyment of the outdoors with our community and giving back to that community was an idea that we just couldn’t shake.

After a few weeks, we agreed that we should bring it to our home state of South Carolina and use the challenge as a way to raise money for the Palmetto Trail, land conservation, and other charities that support exercise and the great outdoors.  50in20 and the Palmetto Expedition were born.

So what’s the difference between 50in20 and the Palmetto Expedition?

We like the idea enough that we’re in the process of setting up 50in20 as a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. 50in20 will be the organization that coordinates the Palmetto Expedition and if there’s enough interest in another region, within South Carolina or in another state, we could use what we’ve learned and developed to support another community as well. Each of these events would be their own “Expedition.” In other words, we’re able to scale from doing good locally to doing good anywhere there’s an interest in doing a 50in20 event.

If you think you might be interested in leading a 50in20 event in another area, contact us.