What Do Turkeys, Gators, and the Police Have to Do with the Palmetto Expedition?

It’s been a bit since we provided an update and there have been a few developments and anecdotes worth sharing. Please read the important information below including an announcement about a change in the event date.

We’re Growing!

Trail MarkerWe continue to have a great response to the Palmetto Expedition. We now have almost 300 followers on Facebook, about 25 registered to participate (six months early!), and we get emails daily from those who are joining us or are considering doing so. Things are progressing well and we have no doubt it’s going to be a good time. We want to thank you all for your support of the Palmetto Expedition.

Another Date Change

Have we mentioned that this is not only the first annual Palmetto Expedition but it’s also the first event we’ve managed? Despite our best efforts, with some things, we’re learning the hard way.

We have three partners in this event: the Palmetto Conservation Foundation, SC’s Department of Natural Resources, and the Santee Cooper power company, all of whom are crucial to ensuring a safe and successful event. On Tuesday, we had a joint meeting of representatives from all parties and we were informed that we will have to change our event date yet again. The new event date is Saturday, May 12, 2018.

The event’s date must be changed because we learned that the trail runs through a South Carolina Wildlife Management Area Game Zone during spring turkey season. Spring turkey season is April 2 – May 5 and during that window, hunters will be crossing the trail and hunting in very close proximity to the trail. This cannot be changed nor can they be prevented from hunting. With hunters so close to the trail, there is concern for the safety of our participants.

All who have already registered for the event should have received an email yesterday directly from us regarding the change and how to request a refund if necessary. If you registered but did not receive that email, please contact us at

Group Training Hikes

Another reminder that we have our first group training hike at Harbison State Forest this Sunday at 1:00. We’ll hike the park’s 4.4 mile trail loop but we’ll let participants know where to turn around for each mile distance in between (1 mile, 2 miles, and 3 miles) if they want to limit their hikes to a shorter distance. The event is free except for a $5 parking fee (cash only) but we do ask that you register ahead of time so we know who to expect. Likewise, if you registered for this previously but cannot attend, please cancel your registration so we aren’t anticipating your arrival. Detailed meetup instructions will be provided to those who have registered on Saturday evening. Register here:

Later today or tomorrow, the dates of our future group training hikes will be shifted forward a couple of weeks to align with our new event date and new Palmetto Expedition Training Plans. We’re having group hikes in both the Midlands and Lowcountry so we’d love for you to join us if you’re available.

Volunteers and Sponsors

In order for us to provide snacks and water, medical assistance, trail monitors, and event support (registration, etc.), we’re going to need a LOT of volunteers on the day of the event. If you have friends or family who are not inclined to join you for the event but will be there for your support, please encourage them to volunteer to assist with the event too. We’re asking volunteers to help for four hours per shift but if they could help for at least two hours, we’d welcome them to the ranks. We’re still working out the specific assignments but for a few more details on volunteering, see here. If you have someone who might be interested, have them contact us at or complete the volunteer form.

Similarly, this is a fundraising event so we’re looking for corporate sponsors. If your organization or one you know might be interested in supporting the Palmetto Conservation Foundation and SC State Parks as a sponsor of the Palmetto Expedition, please share our Sponsorship Opportunities with the appropriate person. We have a list of impressive sponsor benefits at each level and all sponsorships are tax deductible. It’s a great opportunity for an organization to publicly show their support of the environment, fitness/well-being, and our state.

Get Hiking!

Even though we’re changing our event date to May 12, you should still be out there training! After adjusting our event date in the training calendars to May 12, the training start date became Monday, November 13 (this past Monday). For those of you like myself who have been a little slack in getting started, you need to get on it. You won’t be able to hike 26.2 or 50 miles without adequate training. Don’t do that to yourself.

I started training again on Tuesday and plan to post my training progress weekly as I originally promised to do. My first update will be coming next Monday.

Is that a Log in the Water?

Nope, that’s a gator. On our recent visit to walk part of the trail, we looked into one of the Lake Moultrie inlets and saw something floating that could have been either a log or a gator snout. We walked a bit further, turned around and upon passing the same area, the log/gator was gone. We pulled up the photo we’d taken (which unfortunately, we no longer have), zoomed in, and sure enough, it was a gator.

We thought it was important to remind folks that this is a trail event in the Lowcountry. There will be critters in the area, including snakes and gators. You will be required to sign a waiver of liability so make sure you’re comfortable hiking in the outdoors with other animals. For our own curiosity, we talked with the SC DNR representative (mentioned in the section above) about any event concerns related to gators. He said they will be in the area, mostly in the water but as long as participants are smart about it, he does not view them as a concern.

One more reason we’re calling it an Expedition.

I Didn’t See that Sign Officer

On our recent trip to tour the trail, yours truly (Adam) got my first speeding ticket in many years from the Bonneau Police Department. He asked me if I had seen the sign I just passed dropping the speed limit from 45 to 35. Unfortunately, I didn’t. Since that event, I’ve talked with a few people from the area and joked about my lead foot. They’ve responded that Bonneau is known for this so keep it in mind if you’re driving in the area.

Email me if you’re willing to contribute to my speeding ticket fund. 🙂

Palmetto Expedition Event Date Change

The response we’ve had thus far to the Palmetto Expedition has certainly exceeded expectations and we’re confident it will be a great event. We even drove to the trail this past weekend to get a few photos and to hike sections as a preview. As you can see from the photo that follows, much of the trail is along the shores of Lake Moultrie so this should be one seriously lovely hike/run next April. The question we’ve had to revisit is, which day in April?

Rediversion Canal of Lake Moultrie
Rediversion Canal of Lake Moultrie (approximately 0.5 miles from our start/finish line)

In addition to your registrations, questions, and encouraging comments, we’ve also received many requests from you to change our event date since April 7 conflicts with two other events in SC that you’re already scheduled to do. The Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston will host 40,000 athletes on April 7 and the Upstate Ultra Runners group will be conducting their Altamont Challenge on April 7. Given these two conflicts, we’ve decided to change our event date to April 28 to allow greater participation.

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What’s a Kennedy March Anyway?

In case you haven’t heard, this event is based on the concept of a “Kennedy March.” What is a Kennedy March you ask? Well, that’s a bit of a long story but here is the short-ish version…

Theodore Roosevelt
Wait, that isn’t JFK… No it isn’t. Read on.

Back in the 19aughts (1901-1909), you may recall that Theodore Roosevelt was the President of the United States. President Teddy was a strong believer in “the strenuous life” and attempted to get in two hours of strenuous physical activity every single day. During some of these sessions of strenuous exercise, Teddy and his friends would discuss the “the condition of utter physical worthlessness” of their fellow soldiers. To address this shortcoming, Teddy used his authority as President and decided to issue a directive to his officers requiring all branches be able to complete “a march of 50 miles, to be made in three consecutive days and in a total of 20 hours, including rests, the march on any one day to be during consecutive hours.”

While some of his officers who had gotten soft working behind desks balked at the challenge, some others completed the trek in a single day and Roosevelt kept this standard in place for the rest of his presidency. After he left office, the requirement faded.

50 or so years pass…
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Ready to Train? We’re Ready to Help

Training PlanIf you’re ready to train, we’re ready to help. In fact, we’ll join you.

When we first launched this site and announced the event, we promised to provide you training plans to help you complete the Palmetto Expedition successfully. I’m pleased to let you know that the Palmetto Expedition Training Plans are ready for you to download and start following.

Better still, we’re prepared to go a few steps further to support you in your training. Continue reading Ready to Train? We’re Ready to Help

Registration is Now Open!

While things may have seemed quiet, we’ve had a lot of activity over the last few weeks. Most importantly, REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!

Please note that we’ve adopted a tiered schedule of registration fees to encourage participants to register as early as possible. Doing so allows us to better plan for the event. We hope you’ll register, join us, and spread the word about the event. It should be a challenging but fun event for all.

The registration fee schedule is as follows:
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Palmetto Expedition Location and Event Date Confirmed!

Lake Moultrie Passage Web PageOn Wednesday, we met with Mary Roe, the Program and Development Director for Palmetto Conservation Foundation, and let me begin by saying how grateful we are to be working with such a great organization. I can assure you that both PCF and 50in20 are committed to bringing you a fun and challenging event. Over the course of our discussion about the many facets of event planning, we finalized the date and location of the event.
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