Palmetto Expedition Event Date Change

The response we’ve had thus far to the Palmetto Expedition has certainly exceeded expectations and we’re confident it will be a great event. We even drove to the trail this past weekend to get a few photos and to hike sections as a preview. As you can see from the photo that follows, much of the trail is along the shores of Lake Moultrie so this should be one seriously lovely hike/run next April. The question we’ve had to revisit is, which day in April?

Rediversion Canal of Lake Moultrie
Rediversion Canal of Lake Moultrie (approximately 0.5 miles from our start/finish line)

In addition to your registrations, questions, and encouraging comments, we’ve also received many requests from you to change our event date since April 7 conflicts with two other events in SC that you’re already scheduled to do. The Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston will host 40,000 athletes on April 7 and the Upstate Ultra Runners group will be conducting their Altamont Challenge on April 7. Given these two conflicts, we’ve decided to change our event date to April 28 to allow greater participation.

We apologize for the confusion but not only are we new to this Kennedy March and event planning thing, we’re also based just outside Columbia so those two conflicting events didn’t cross our radar during the planning phase of the PE.

We’re hoping this change will allow more of you to participate and since some of you might not have registered earlier due to one of these conflicts, we’re opening up our 10% early registration discount again for another two weeks. If you register for the Palmetto Expedition before Sunday, November 5 at midnight and use the promo code “EARLY”, you’ll save an additional 10% off our lowest registration fees available.

Sorry again for the confusion and we hope to see you all there!

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