Palmetto Expedition Location and Event Date Confirmed!

Lake Moultrie Passage Web PageOn Wednesday, we met with Mary Roe, the Program and Development Director for Palmetto Conservation Foundation, and let me begin by saying how grateful we are to be working with such a great organization. I can assure you that both PCF and 50in20 are committed to bringing you a fun and challenging event. Over the course of our discussion about the many facets of event planning, we finalized the date and location of the event.

The event will begin Saturday, April 28, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. from The Palmetto Trail’s Lake Moultrie Passage. While the trail isn’t in the Columbia area as originally planned, we’ve found a lovely trail that Palmetto Conservation describes as:

“Scenic and popular Lake Moultrie Passage rings the eastern and northern shores of a 60,000-acre lake, and panoramic views are spectacular. Much of the passage shares Santee-Cooper’s service roads on the lake’s earthen levees, which makes the trail a favorite with mountain bikers. From the Hwy 52 trailhead, a short hike through pine forest opens to the Pinopolis East Dike, a perfect place for admiring sunsets. After a walk through Bonneau Beach, the trail continues along the north-shore dike system until it crosses historic Santee Canal. The last few miles pass through a mature hardwood and pine forest that includes fascinating swamp terrain around Bulltown Bay.”

The trail is flat, beautiful, and centrally located between the coast and Midlands.

Additional information will come soon including registration, training plans, gear, group hikes, volunteer/participant meetups, and much more. If you’d like to stay informed, please sign up here or follow us on social media to stay in touch!

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