Training Week 1 is Complete!

Short HikeAs you may know, we’ve now made available the Palmetto Expedition training plans to help participants prepare for the marathon and 50 mile events. To get myself ready, I’ll be following the 50-mile Plan and posting my progress at the close of each week. Below is a brief summary of my training for week one.

Week one, whether you’re doing the marathon training plan or the 50-miler plan, starts out nice and slow to allow those who may not have exercised in a while the convenience of easing back into things. In my case, I was scheduled to do three hikes of one mile each and then 1.5 miles for my long hike on Sunday. As you can see from the image, I did at least one of them 🙂

More specifically, I did two of my one mile hikes and also my 1.5 mile long hike on Sunday. Things were a bit hectic during the middle of the week so I missed one of my shorter-length walks. I did however, supplement my walks with a couple of days of strength and core training as well as some time on my rowing machine. All in all, I’m pleased with myself for kicking things into gear.

Magnus WalksWith our vet telling us early in the week that our dog Magnus has gained 9 pounds this year, I decided to let my big boy join me for a couple of these walks at home. He always enjoys more time outside.

Next week, it’ll be three more one-mile hikes followed by a long day of two miles on Sunday. Magnus will very likely get to spend some more time with Dad. 🙂

Have you started training yet?

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